Accessibility Statement

Informaton for caregivers

Caregivers’ accommodation charges

The Estonian Health Insurance Fund and the Estonian National Social Insurance Board finance the patient’s caregiver’s accommodation in the hospital for only those parents/caregivers who accompany children.

Caregivers accompanying adult patients shall be charged according to HNRC’s fee-charging services price list.

The Estonian Health Insurance Fund finances the basic care bed days for the parents/caregivers who accompany children during their rehabilitation

  • when the child is up to 7 years old (7 included)
  • when the child is up to 15 years old (15 included) and has profound or severe mobility disability or multiple disability.

The caregiver’s own contribution is 2.50€ per day and shall not exceed 25€ per treatment period.

The bed days of caregivers of children receiving self-financed services is 30,00€ and of HNRC’s adult patients (regardless of financing) are charged according to HNRC’s fee-charging services price list. The current fee is 60,00€. This bed-day fee includes accommodation and 3 meals per day.

Useful information

All caregivers accompanying HNRC’s patients during their stay are obliged to follow the same in-hospital rules that apply to the hospital’s patients.

We kindly ask all caregivers accompanying children/adults to keep in mind that

  • They are responsible for the safety and supervision of the child/person under their care when the patient is not participating in therapeutic activities: children/persons under the care of caregivers should not be left without guidance in the hospital. If you need our help with taking care of or ensuring the safety and supervision of your child/the person under your care, please contact the nursing and caring staff.
  • It is important to keep hospital rooms (wards, playrooms, etc.) clean and tidy:
    • Please return dirty dishes to the dining area as soon as possible
    • At the end of your stay, please return all hospital’s toys to the playroom
    • When you have finished playing in the playroom, please put away the toys
  • Eating and drinking is not allowed in the playroom
  • When you wish to go outdoors, please inform the nurse in charge
  • The consumption of alcohol is not allowed during the treatment period of your child/the person under your care

Depending on the hospital’s bed occupancy, the caregivers accompanying children/adults are accommodated either on vacant hospital beds or on camp beds.

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