Core values


It is important to us to provide evidence-based, targeted, credible and reliable services that are based on the patient’s needs, the best available facilities, and good medicine and rehabilitation practices.


The primary focus of all our activities is on our patients, their needs, expectations, values and goals; Within the limits of our competence we ensure that the patients/their loved ones are informed of their situation, help them find solutions to their problems and support them in achieving, maintaining their independent living in every possible way.


HNRC values the combination of contemporary knowledge, extensive experience and constructive ambitiousness as well as the ability to put one’s thoughts and ideas into practice in the best possible way while considering the patients, their loved ones, colleagues and the relevant social background.


HNRC values contemporaneity and continuous development in every aspect of thinking and doing. It is also important in introducing new services and assessment and treatment tools. Participating courses and practicing in-hospital research is well appreciated. Sharing our experiences and knowledge as well as present resources is seen as a pleasant added-value to our everyday work.


HNRC holds co-operation on all levels in high regard, from everyday in-house teamwork to enthusiastic participation in the shaping of the local legislation, or training the specialists needed in this field and participating in collective projects with international partners. ¤Innovation – We believe contemporary trends and continuous development to be vital on both theoretical and practical levels, and keep them in mind when acquiring and utilizing the available assessment and therapy equipment.

Honesty and Consideration

HNRC respects human values: we treat our patients and staff with dignity, protect their confidentiality, work to ensure a therapy and physical and social environment that promotes development and human dignity, avoid trivial problems and handle all situations in a calm and professional manner, never behave disgracefully and avoid damaging the good reputation of ourselves and others, provide accurate and relevant information, show consideration for people in need of help and offer possible solutions to their problems.

60 years of experiences, contemporary knowledge, well-kept skills.