How to get treatment

To apply for inpatient rehabilitation, you’ll need:

  • a referral from a PRM specialist
  • a referral from a family physician or a medical specialist

Please bring/send your standard format referrals to our reception ( +372 4725 413 Your referral will be processed and we will send you a written notice containing the admission date.

If the proposed admission date is not suitable for you, please notify our reception as soon as possible. In-patient care has a waiting list. Patients suffering from acute diseases, their recidivation and/or post-traumatic conditions are given priority.

To apply for outpatient rehabilitation, you’ll need:

  • a referral from a family physician or a medical specialist

Once you have received your standard format referral, you can register for our PRM doctor’s consultation (call our reception:  +372 4725 404).

When coming to the consultation, please make sure you have

  • Your letter of referral
  • Identification
  • The results of tests and analyses conducted in relation to the condition underlying your need for rehabilitation (if you have them)

The visit fee for outpatient consultations is 5.00€

Individual offer for rehabilitation with self-financing

If you are interested in rehabilitation in Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre, please be kind to fill the information below and we will send you a personalized offer.

If you wish to be refunded by your country, please contact the appropriate athorities – national health insurance fund, private insurance company or other – in your home country.

The information sent to us will be dealt confidentially for making the offer and will not be shared with any third party.

You are very welcome to HNRC!

    Data about the person asking for the offer

    Patient's data

    Help or assistance needed
    independentpartly independentcompletely dependent

    Please write how many days you would like to have rehabilitation in HNRC.

    HNRC cannot guarantee the start on the exact preferred date, but we will do our best to offer the rehabilitation as close to is as possible.

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