HNRC LivingLab

HNRC LivingLab offers an environment for innovation with real life elements to use in developing and testing products, services and methods related to rehabilitation and/or recovering.

You are welcome to turn us if you are a manufacturer, distributor, healthcare service provider, education service provider or research institution and You would like to test Your developments and/or You need high-quality evidence-based consultations for successful development.

We have involved into LivingLab service provision the HNRC specialists as well as The Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation specialists and technology. We also involve the patients at hospital (as the end users) when it is relevant and needed.

Basing on extensive experiences, an enthusiastic and competent team with a contemporary knowledge base, and modern equipment and facilities that are all effectively employed, we can support to improve market uptake of new products and services in health by helping our customers on their journey since development concept until put final products into usage and launch them on the market.

Why choose the livinglab service offered by HNRC?

  • For the opportunity to test products, processes, services and methods in a professional, client-focused and supportive hospital environment, involving many competent specialists as well as a wide variety of patients.
  • Diverse experiences as a rehabilitation hospital + modern high-tech rehabilitation devices and methods for offering and evaluating services + the inclusion of multiple specialists in developmental and scientific projects allow for high-quality evidence-based consultations with clients
  • The cooperation between various specialists, patients and their close network helps to better understand the perspective of the end-user.
  • More than two years of experience in providing livinglab services and managing testing processes.

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60 years of experiences, contemporary knowledge, well-kept skills.